22 NOVEMBER, 10:00AM

Florettgatan 41
254 67 Helsingborg

Leading Ukrainian exporters of fresh premium quality apples, watermelons and fresh and frozen berries are coming to Helsingborg to meet with importers and supermarket chains from Sweden and Denmark. B2B meetings could be organized with each or selected suppliers.

Participation is free of charge upon written confirmation from organizers.


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Fresh apples. Ukraine is one the most rapidly growing exporters of premium-quality apples at competitive prices. Already exporting to more than 40 countries in the EU, Middle East, and South East Asia.

Fresh and frozen berries. Most of Ukraine’s berries are exported to EU. Ukraine is the most dynamically developing producer and exporter of berries in the world. Many berries are organically certified. Freeze-dried berries are also available.


Ukraine’s unique climatic conditions make it possible growing healthier premium quality fruits and vegetables thanks to the following factors:

  • Lots of sunshine – high latitude assures up to 15 hrs of daylight during vegetation period in the summer. Ukraine has the warmest summer of any other country with such a long day, which is critical for good fruit quality, high sugar content and BRIX;


  • Even more sun – Ukraine is a very dry country and most of its precipitation comes in the winter, thus, there are very few cloudy days helping fruits enjoy more sunshine than anywhere else in Europe;


  • 33% of world’s most fertile black soils are in Ukraine and they assure great natural nutrition for the produce;


  • Greater variation between day and night temperatures than in other European countries, resulting in fuller coloring and deeper taste of fruits;


  • Due to the dry and sunny climate, farmers in Ukraine use less chemicals to protect fruits and vegetables than most other European countries, making our fruits much healthier and cleaner;


  • Ukraine has excellent supply of high-quality water for irrigation, contributing to the quality of produce;


  • Most of Ukraine’s orchards are new, using the most advanced production technologies;


  • Ukraine has access to deep water ports in the Black Sea and can ship fruits and vegetables nearly anywhere inexpensively;


  • Ukraine’s premium horticulture products can compete in price due to lower costs of inputs, energy, labor, and land.


  • And they simply taste better!

Ukrainian companies - participants

  • Sady Dnipra, UApple, fresh apples
  • Bukovynsky Sad, fresh apples
  • FruitLogistic, fresh apples
  • Fedorivske, fresh apples
  • Nikardia, iBerry, fresh and frozen berries, fresh asparagus
  • MAS, fresh apples
  • Ekorod, Fresh Organic Watermelon
  • Barsky, fresh apples
  • Alquimia Fruits, fresh apples and berries

Organizers / AND PARTNERS

Trade mission of Ukrainian suppliers to Sweden is organized by Ukrainian Horticultural Association (UHA) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and supported by the EU under its EU4Business initiative and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).


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